Professional Regulation Commission


Nurture Filipino Professionals towards technical proficiency and civic responsibility in the service of the Filipino nation

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P. Paredes., Cor. Morayta St., Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines


The PRC is created with the signing of Presidential Decree No. 223 on June 22, 1973 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

The PRC Modernization Act is enacted into law on December 5, 2000.

The Commission is headed by a Commission Proper composed of a Chairperson and two Commissioners.

PRC supervises 43 professional regulatory boards (PRBs), and at the same time, extends technical, legal, and administrative support to the latter. The members of the PRBs, all presidential appointees, in turn regulate the professions under their jurisdiction.


The Professional Regulation Commission is the instrument of the Filipino people in securing for the nation a reliable, trustworthy and progressive system of determining the competence of professionals by credible and valid licensure examinations and standards of professional practice that are globally recognized.


To deliberately, scientifically and consistently determine the competence of professionals through the provision of professional standards and judicious issuance of professional license.
PRC Main Office
PRC Main Office

P – rofessionalism and Integrity
R – esponsibility, Unity and Accountability
C – ompetence and Excellence


Investigates cases against erring examinees and professionals. Its decisions have the force and effect of the decisions of a court of law, with the same level of authority as a Regional Trial Court. After the lapse of the period within which to file an appeal, Commission decisions become final and executory.

Formulates rules and policies on professional regulation. When published in the official gazette, these rules have the force and effect of law.

Administer, implements, and enforces the regulatory policies of the national government, including the maintenance of professional and occupational standards and ethics and the enforcement of the rules and regulations relative thereto.

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