Architecture March 2009

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has announced that 44 out of 80 passed the Architect Board Examination. The licensure exam was given by the Board of Architecture in Al-Khobar and Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was held in March 2009.

The composition of the Philippine Board of Architecture are chairman: Armando N. Alli; members: Angeline T. Chua Chiaco and Marietta B. Segovia.

Top 10 January 2009 Architect

The successful examinees who garnered the top 10 places in the Architecture Licensure Examination January 2009 are:

Architect Licensure January 2009

The Philippine (PRC) Professional Regulation Commission announced that 372 out of 942 passed Architect board examination. The said exam was held on January 16 and 18, 2009. It was given by the Philippine Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture in Manila.

The members of the Philippine Board of Architecture are chairman: Arch. Armando N. Alli; members: Arch. Angeline T. Chua Chiaco and Arch. Marietta B. Segovia.

January 2009 Architecture

Update - View the complete list of successful examinees: Architect.