Top 10 2010 Lawyers

The successful examinees who garnered the top 10 places in the 2010 Bar Exam are:

September 2010 Bar Exam Results

Supreme Court announced 982 out of 4,847 passed the 2010 Bar examination.

This year’s passing percentage of 20.26 percent is lower than last year’s 24.58 percent or 1,451 out of 5,903. The Bar Exam 2010 was administered by Deputy Clerk of Court and Bar Confidant Atty. Ma. Cristina B. Layusa.

Top 10 September 2009 Lawyers

The successful examinees who garnered the top 10 places in the September 2009 Bar Exam are:

September 2009 Bar Exam Results

September 2009 Bar Exam Result has been released!

Reinier Paul Yebra of the San Beda College led the 1,451 passers of the 2009 Bar Exams. Yebra's score is 84.88.

List of Successful Examinees of 2009 Bar Examinations

September 2009 Bar Examination Results Update

It was announced that September 2009 bar exam results will be released on Friday, March 26, 2010.

Justices of the Supreme Court will hold a special en banc session on March 26, Friday morning where Associate Justice Eduardo Nachura, chairperson of the 2009 Committee on Bar Examination, will present exam results to the magistrates, who will set the passing percentage.

5,903 law graduates from 109 law schools nationwide have taken the exams held on September 6, 13, 20 and October 4, 2009

September 2008 Bar Examination Results 1310 New Lawyers

The Supreme Court announced that 1,310 out of 6,364 law graduates passed the September 2008 Bar Exams.